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Updated 3-5-2015
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     High Performance Analog Design Solutions...
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  • State-of-the-art laser diode drivers, smallest size, best waveform fidelity, milliamps to kiloamps, picoseconds to milliseconds
  • High voltage pulse generators, best waveform fidelity for calibrating/compensating oscilloscope probes and driving Pockel cells
  • Power electronics, DC to GHz including non-linear loads such as plasma discharges (CO2 lasers and plasma loudspeakers)
  • Low-noise electronic design, nanovolts to kilovolts
  • Innovative design; I am not an “application note” circuit designer
  • Design using the latest compound semiconductors i.e., GaN, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, etc.
  • Design using exotic semiconductors i.e., tunnel, step recovery and drift step recovery diodes (DSRD), HV SiC JFET's, MCT's, etc.
  • Design low-phase noise oscillators, VCO's 
  • Design printed circuit boards with emphasis on signal integrity and parasitics
  • Analysis using SPICE (non-linear), Genesys (linear), Solidworks/COSMOS (FEA, stress-strain & thermal transient)
  • Technical assessments and failure analysis
  • High-precision machine shop including:  Deckel FP-1, Aciera F1 and Schaublin 70 (German and Swiss)
  • I participated in patents:  4,479,035  4,715,372  4,912,304  5,056,589  5,508,587  5,537,006  5,771,067  7,545,839  8,299,715

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Jay Philippbar
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